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Dolby Stereo Cassette Deck


You'll be surprised how easy and how much better your cassettes sound with this Sony dual cassette deck. We have one available for $75.

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Record longer and better. How? Well first, the Twin/Sequential Recording feature gives you up to 3 hours of continuous recording on two C-90 cassettes. Then the wide-range pitch control lets you set the tone which is a great feature for musicians, DJs, and aerobic instructors looking to customize the tone, tempo, and sound. You'll be surprised how easy and how much better your cassettes sound with this Sony dual cassette deck. Dual Cassette Decks allow playback of cassettes in either of the two handy built-in decks. Record from one cassette to the other or from a separate source device, such as a CD player or AM/FM radio. Quickly make a copy of your favorite cassette for personal enjoyment. Record one side of a 60 minute cassette in approximately 5 minutes. Dolby B & C Noise Reduction greatly reduces irritating tape hiss while increasing dynamic range on Dolby B or Dolby C encoded cassettes. Dolby HX Pro Headroom Extension varies the amount of recording bias according to the music's high-frequency content. As a result, the circuit extends high-frequency headroom, and the system is compatible with any playback deck, whether or not it has HX Pro circuitry. Bias and Record Calibration uses a built-in oscillator to optimize recording parameters, matching any specific tape. Full-Logic Tape Transport provides electronic, rather than mechanical, control of the drive system of the cassette deck. It delivers more reliability, smoother operation, and quicker one-touch control. Automatic Record Level senses incoming signals and sets levels for low noise, low distortion. Wide-Range Pitch Control allows you to alter playback tape speed, adjusting the musical pitch to your singing voice or musical instrument. S-Link Control System enables compatible Sony components to communicate with each other. High-Density Permalloy Heads offer high maximum flux density reproduce music with wider dynamic range. Multiple AMS Track Search lets you automatically skip up to 9 tracks forward or back. RMS Track Programming plays songs in the sequence you choose. Switchable MPX Filter blocks the 19kHz multiplex tone of FM stereo broadcasts. Automatic Level Control takes the guesswork out of your recordings. When a signal is detected by the recording unit, it automatically senses the level of the music, and sets the recording levels for the highest quality recording and lowest distortion levels