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Cobalt Raq2 Server


This item is hard to find! Great for Colleges, Schools and Universities or private or business use. We have one available for $75.

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COBALT RAQ2 SERVER 64MB 10.2GB HD The Cobalt RaQ2 server 128 MB 10.2GB NEW SEAGATE The RaQ2 is a one-rack-unit tall (one unit is about 1.75 inches), cobalt-blue, "pizza-box" shaped system. In an ISP's equipment room, it could easily be mistaken for a network router or remote access server. Even at this size, the machine has 3.5-inch internal IDE/Ultra ATA hard drive -- a maximum of 16.8 GB storage currently -- and 256 MB of RAM. It runs a custom RISC processor based on the MIPS R4000 core at 250 MHz, and would probably be comparable to the speed of a 350 MHz Pentium II. It can also support external SCSI storage devices, and it now has two dual-mode 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports. It also includes a serial port in case you want to connect it to a console terminal. This is a reasonable improvement over the older RaQ model, which had a 150 MHz processor, a single Ethernet connection, and no external storage options. Priced identically, the new version tries to keep up with the times. On the software side, however, it lags about three or four months behind the most current technology -- which isn't all bad. There's nothing worse than putting untried, untested software on a server appliance that is supposed to be the height of reliability. Here's a rundown of the system software: Linux kernel version 2.0.34 for MIPS processors Apache version 1.3.3 Web server Sendmail version 8.9.1 e-mail server BIND version 4.9.7 name server Perl version 5.004 GNU C Compiler (GCC) version 2.7.2