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Arrival of Acupuncture


Published: 05/05/2010

by Rockwall Colonics


Dr. Zhang and Dr. Shen David Ren Zhang and Anna Yuenan Shen are both Licensed Acupuncturists in the state of Texas. Both were MD'S in China, Anna Yuenan Shen has been licensed as a M.D here in the United States since 1995. Both David Zhang and Dr. Anna Shen received their formal training in China, and both honed their craft by practicing in China for over ten years (10). David Zhang and Dr. Anna Shen settled in Dallas, Texas, where they have continued to build a business since 1993. They have been successfully treating patients for a variety of health conditions. Some of these conditions include, but not limited to: all types of pain, immune enhancement, stress, anxiety reduction, smoking cessations and sinus conditions among other ailments. Their practice also includes herbology, body work, diet therapy, and other modalities aimed at improving health and well-being. It is this passion and fervent belief in a well known and documented 2000 year old tradition that brought Rockwall Colonics and David Zhang and Dr. Anna Shen together. We are proud to offer Acupuncture to all our existing clients and to our future clients. We are confident that you will love the results in your health. Here's to great Health and a life filled with Joy, happiness, & love. We look forward to Scheduling your appointment for Acupuncture whether this is your first time or are looking for a great Acupuncturist. Give us a call today and watch your health sore to even greater heights 972-771-8900.