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10 Helpful Tips For a Smooth Move


Published: 04/08/2009

by Frank Atherton


Have you ever wondered what the best way to have a top quality move? These simple tips will help you have a smooth move. -Inform the moving company of any and all special circumstances, i.e. stairs, elevators, long walks, extra stops etc. -Anything the movers would need tools to disassemble in order to move should be taken care of ahead of time - e.g. mirrors off dressers, headboards unbolted from frame, washer & dryer disconnected, etc or there could be additional charges. -You may leave clothing items in dresser if you like but, for your protection, please remove all paper, breakables and fragile items and pack in boxes. -Desk drawers must be completely empty. Legal size, letter size and lateral file cabinets must be empty. -Please have all boxes sealed with tape on both the top and bottom. This protects your items as well as your movers safety. -Always ask for a copy of your price in writing BEFORE the move. -Once the movers arrive go over the inventory list and make sure everything is on the list, Also make sure any special conditions are accounted for on your price quote. -Contact the Better Business Bureau at (214) 220-2000 and check for complaints. If the company has a laundry list of complaints move on. -Ask any friends that have recently moved and their experience with that company. Friends and family are always a trusted resource if your friends or family have not recently moved ask the company for a list of RECENT references. -Ask the name of their insurance carrier, and get a claim report. If you follow these ten simple steps I guarantee your next move will be a smooth one. For a Free Quote Click here: http://www.aglmoving.com/ Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Frank_Atherton